Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little catch up and our every day life...

The kids had so much fun with Halloween this year. We had the church trunk or treat party and Kierras school party. Because I was in charge of her school party I was able to have the boys hang out as well. What fun we had with 19 1st graders!!

Kierra likes to control our boys and this was a result of a snow day...

Rhett had his 2nd birthday. We can hardly believe it has already been 2 years. They grow to quickly. So our photographer was Kierra and as you can see I didn't end up with much. What can you say? She did her best:)

Rhett was so excited about getting a gift card with a picture of a racing car that he had to go to sleep with it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st Grade...

Kierra was her usual brave self, she was excited to get to school. I just can't believe we are doing this again. It was a long day without her and I think Brock died of boredom. When we picked her up she sat a balled and told us how long and boring school was. Friends are difficult and didn't want to play with her and she never wanted to go back and just wanted to move back to Idaho. With a lot of encouragement and love from her dad she was ready to go at it again. The next two days were a little better with less and less crying when we picked her up. I think its gonna take some time but she'll adjust. We are so proud of her, she is such a little trooper. And yes she picked her outfit out. She tells me that you don't call her shoes "shoes" they are "sneakers". And so it begins...(note the backpack is almost as big as her)

Happy 6th Birthday Kierra...

August 18...We sure love you! Again another year has gone by and I can hardly believe how much she has grown up. Kierra continues to be such a little fire cracker. To start the day out Josh took Kierra out to breakfast to spend some one on one. She loves her time with her daddy.
So of course she wanted a big party for her birthday, but with her birthday being one day before school started we thought we'd just celebrate with the family. We will have another little party in Idaho for her with her cousins, she is really looking forward to that.(Yes we will be in Idaho with family for one week, we are all so excited! It'll be a much needed get away:)

What can you say...

My kids get really bored sometimes and this is a result of that...Earlier in the day Kierra had done my hair with all those bows, it was a sight. So the next thing I know Brock has Kierra sitting down to get hers done. Brock is quite the hair stylist:) It is actually very relaxing. And Rhett...he just likes to hang out with me. He won't let Kierra put one clip in his hair:)

Family in town...

Sherri, Chris, Chloe and Carter came out to stay with us for a whole week. We were so excited to have them come. It was such a fun week. It went by way to quickly. We started out with a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. We had done this trip several weeks earlier but loved it and wanted to show them around. The hiking was so much fun and the kids were good little troopers considering the heat. Later in the day we walked around all the little shops in Estes Park and had to get my favorite fudge and before leaving we ate at our favorite little BBQ place. SOO GOOD! The next day we did school shopping for the girls all day. That is always my favorite. I love shopping. However Kierra even though she is only barely 6 has a very strong opinion of what she will and will not wear. (she likes skater style, nothing tight or too cutsy) So we didn't always agree on everything but oh well, she'll be stylin' her way.

Tuesday we went to Denver to The Wildlife Experience museum where the kids could do the Globeology exhibit. Its a wildlife experience that covers four major habitats, from the Great Plains to the Rocky Mtn. Peaks. The kids loved it. It didn't take very long but it was very realistic and the animals are really lifelike. We walked on a path that took us through the whole exhibit. Oh and before we did all that we had a fun lunch with animal shaped chicken nuggets which the kids of course loved. It was a fun day.(the weird mirrors were the funniest thing ever)

Wednesday we went to a water park right here close to home. It was soo fun. Sherri and I did the slides right off before the lines got long. I could do water slides all day, but that wouldn't be fair to Josh to have to watch the kids all alone:)

Thursday we did a little bit more shopping and later that night the guys watched the kids while Sherri took me out to get a body massage. Oh it was so heavenly! I need to have those done more often. Just to even be without the kids was nice for a change! That was so nice of you Sherri, thanks again! The next day they left and we all sat around here wondering what to do with ourselves. It was great to have them stay with us for the week though and we hope they enjoyed it as much as us:)